Terrance Rey Loves Cock Soup

Terrance Rey Loves Cock Soup

Terrance Rey Sucked Cock

It was with great disappointment that I read in Friday March 10th paper that local business Let’s Travel would be liquidated by the Receiver’s Office. Needless to say this business was in the saddest of states after being taken over by local “businessman” Terrance Rey. When will Mr. Rey ever be called upon to pay his debts? There was nothing much to be gained from the auction.

This young man fashions himself as an internet entrepreneur but is better described as a seasoned conman with the loudest bark. Despite a reputation that precedes him Mr. Rey has managed to secure a position within the Progress Committee, meaning that he is a civil servant for the Dutch government and has also become the general manager of the Today Newspaper which is owned by our Minister of Finance Mr. Richard Gibson Sr. It’s clear that the Dutch do not carry out much research in their appointments but one wonders how Mr. Rey and Minister Gibson got in bed together.

Mr. Rey was recently in the media concerning the vetting process of the St. Maarten Tourism Authority where he came in second to Mr. Rolando Brison who is now the director of the Tourism Bureau. Mr. Michael Ferrier took to the media airing embezzlements claims from Mr. Brison’s time with Winair and in the same article recommended Mr. Rey as an upstanding citizen. Well Mr. Ferrier you need to read this article thoroughly.

Mr. Terrance Rey has a track record which overshadows the one forgivable accusation made against Mr. Brison. Mr. Rey has massive debts incurred from chronic mismanagement and blatant disregard for proper business practices. He has many former employees who are still waiting to be paid salaries. He also owes a large amount to SZV and the Tax Office as well as vendors.
He has personally lost courts cases dealing with proven fraud within his “travel agencies” and has conned business partners out of investments.

Mr. Rey’s businesses have consistently been shut down with eviction by landlords who have yet to receive any kind of payment for outstanding rent. There was also the Guyanese charter fiasco in which tickets were sold for a flight that didn’t exist leaving passengers stranded on the airport and forcing some to complain to the media.

I sat in Mark’s Place one evening observing Mr. Rey at a table giving a lecture on proper business and laughed within myself from the irony. The same man who stops answering phone calls and emails as soon as the question of payment comes about is educating others. I got up and decided to exit in front of him to see his reaction and was shocked that he engaged me in his conversation and had the gall to brag about his businesses to me in the presence of his audience. All this while knowing that he has not paid me one red cent.

I have been following Mr. Rey’s business movements over the last couple of years and have bided my time to speak out against this crook. Collecting from him has been the ultimate cat and mouse game but thankfully he has finally gotten a job where he is on someone else’s payroll and can be made to legally honor court rulings.

St. Maarten should take it as a bullet dodged that this shyster was not given directorship of either the STA or the Tourism Bureau as these coffers would have been emptied already. Though I must say I was waiting to blow the whistle if he was appointed the director of the STA.

Business persons and customers beware!




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